A Dentist office in Burien Can Treat Your Headaches

Posted on: November 1, 2016

Dentist officeAs a dentist office in Burien , we can help you to feel better if you are constantly suffering from headaches or face pain. While visiting the dentist may not come to mind when waking up with a headache, you should give us a call if the condition persists. You may experience headaches that are a result of jaw pain since the jaw is connected to your head by the temporomandibular joint.

Therefore, what happens with your jaw, impacts the rest of your head and even your face. With that in mind, if you experience regular headaches, it is worthwhile to visit a dentist and see if the cause is related to your oral health.

Visit Our Burien Dentist Office for a Comprehensive Solution

Upon visiting our office, we will begin by examining your teeth.  If the cause of the headaches is due to your oral health, we will see signs of grinding or clenching the teeth. Basically, if you are subconsciously grinding or clenching your teeth at night, this will put intense amounts of pressure on your joints. The constant pressure will result in soreness and discomfort in addition to the headaches. Similar to tensing any muscle or joint in your body for a prolonged period of time, you can expect to experience sore muscles in this situation.

The same is true for your temporomandibular joint, especially when you consider how much force a person can bite down with. Since most people do not realize that they are clenching or grinding their teeth, they have no way of knowing that this is an issue until the symptoms begin to manifest. As a dentist, we know that grinding will typically create problems with the teeth like erosion, chips, cracks, strange ridges, and more. During a dental exam, we can identify these abnormalities and determine if they are a result of your nighttime behavior.  In the situation of grinding teeth during sleep, we may recommend that you wear a night guard.

We create a night guard by getting an impression of your mouth. Night guards consist of a durable, yet comfortable, plastic that fits perfectly with the structure of your teeth. You will be able to wear the night guard and sleep with peace of mind. Thanks to night guards, patients are able to get a good nights’ rest without worrying about their teeth. The guard surrounds but the upper and lower teeth completely to ensure that they do not bite together at night. This eliminates the possibility of grinding or clenching so that your jaw remains in a relaxed state. As a result, you should wake up headache-free and without any soreness.

We Can Prevent Tooth Damage in our Burien Dentist Office

You should be aware that if you have any dental restorations like veneers, crowns, bridges or implants, grinding your teeth is particularly dangerous for you.  These restorations can require a significant financial and time commitment to perfect. Grinding can ruin them by causing your restoration to chip, crack, or even pop out of place in the case of a dental veneer. This is simply not worth the risk since you can prevent damage by wearing a night guard.

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