Types of Dental Crowns

Posted on: June 9, 2016


At Burien Family Dentistry, we offer our Burien, WA patients with dental crowns to solve a variety of oral health problems. While many people think of dental crowns as silver caps that tend to stand out in the mouth, this is only one type of dental crowns, and while they do have a purpose, there are more aesthetically pleasing solutions that we offer to our patients. Tooth-colored dental crowns are a viable solution, and as a cosmetic dentist, we frequently recommend them to restore a patient's teeth in a way that still looks natural. Whether your tooth has recently suffered damage or you are interested in replacing an outdated dental crown, we encourage you to call (206) 988-3968 and schedule an appointment with our 98166 dental office. We can examine you in our Burien office and then let you know what all your options are when it comes to dental restorations. In the meantime, here is what you need to know about dental crowns.

Why Dental Crowns Are Necessary

To understand why we recommend dental crowns on such a regular basis, it helps to first realize what a dental crown is. A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the visible portion of your tooth. That means the sides, as well as a chewing surface of your tooth, are entirely protected. When you bite down, it is not your natural tooth that will be touched but the crown itself. This makes it possible for us to restore a tooth that has been so damaged, it would otherwise need to be pulled. For this reason, we use dental crowns to restore teeth that have been:

  • Cracked
  • Chipped
  • Broken
  • Missing Enamel
  • And more!

Types of Dental Crowns From Burien Family Dentistry

There are several types of dental crowns, but as a cosmetic dentist, we recommend crowns that are tooth-colored and natural-looking. In this case, you can typically choose from a resin or porcelain crown. Both are durable and natural-looking and work well for restoring any of your visible teeth. However, for your back molars, you may want a dental crown that is ceramic-on-metal. This provides the same level of strength and durability that a metal crown typically does, though the ceramic makes the crown look natural. When you visit our 98166 office, we will conduct a thorough examination and take x-rays in order to determine how extensive your actual tooth damage is. Based on that information and the location of your restoration, we will make a recommendation as to the type of dental crowns that would be best suited to your mouth.

Tip: Porcelain dental crowns look the most natural and luminescent.

If you still prefer to have a metal dental crown, we can certainly accommodate you and go over our wide variety of options during your consultation. Keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to ensure that your teeth are healthy and strong, but as a cosmetic dentist, we are always looking for ways to provide restorations without making it appear as though you ever had dental work done in the first place. This is one of the things 123 patients appreciate about our office, and we will apply the same level of care to you and your smile. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with our Burien, WA office, call (206) 988-3968.

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